Why learn C ++ programming language?

Programming is one of the most sought after skills today. Anyone who wants to try it has certainly heard about the C ++ programming language and its impact in the computer world. Video games are no exception. For many years, this computer communication system has dominated the computer world and is responsible for a large number of applications, video games and various programs.

What is C ++ programming language?

At its core, C ++ is a series of instructions that a programmer writes in a certain way, adhering to the rules and following the same logic. That’s how she literally talks to her computer. Therefore, this means of communication is called “language”.

There are a number of languages that developers can use, but C ++ has proven to be extremely useful for video game development.

This programming language is often used to develop game engines like Unity and Unreal engine. Therefore, it stands behind some of the most famous video games of today. It is superior to other languages in many areas, and its arrival has greatly influenced their evolution.

How difficult is it to learn to program in C ++ programming language?

C ++ programming language belongs to the category of so-called. “Mid-level” languages, which are at the border between machine code and human logic of word and sentence matching. In other words, it is halfway between zeroes and units understood by the computer and our spoken language that we use every day. Let’s return to the subheading question. Learning a C ++ programming language is not difficult for people who are aware of what they are getting into.

It is necessary to break the fear of the unknown, to be open to new skills and above all to have patience. With each new knowledge you acquire, you will get closer to the day when you can make your dream video game.

Speed, control and power

C ++ programming language concentrates a lot on details, which at first can confuse beginners and lead to errors (ie bugs).

Take tea for example. When we tell a person to make tea, we give instructions to boil the water, put a bag of tea in a cup and pour water into the cup. We would have to give a lot of information to the computer running C ++ for the same result. For example, where and how we put water in the kettle, what temperatures the water should be, where are the tea bags, which is the procedure of placing a tea bag in a cup, at what angle we pour water from the kettle into the cup and the like.

This approach to detail allows the language to be effective and adaptable. Because of this, computers can optimally use their processing power and memory capacity.

Of course, one has to know how to handle a lot of instructions on a computer, so it is not surprising that developers are on average well paid for their work. In terms of recruiting, an experienced C ++ developer is not easy (and not cheap) to find.

The problem with learning this programming language is not that it is difficult or demanding, but it is very broad and powerful. Beginners often get lost in the language features they don’t need at the beginning level. Such wandering causes the motivation that often leads to complete abandonment of learning.

The solution to this problem is to learn with a mentor who will be able to accurately explain each part of the language and to guide the beginner to the functions and capabilities that are important to them in less demanding projects. The mentor can also assign smaller projects that allow beginners to see the progress of their knowledge as soon as possible through specific examples. This also maintains the level of motivation for learning and development. C ++ mentors can be found everywhere – at colleges, forums, in the circle of friends, or in a C ++ programming language course.

Where can I work as a C ++ programmer?

If we put two C ++ developers with their jobs side by side, we won’t see too much difference. A large desk with a comfortable chair, computers with more than one monitor, piles of white backgrounds with lots of black text, and the like are common scenes with developers.

What they are working on can be very different – one programmer is working on a game engine for the latest video game and the other is a space exploration rocket algorithm. In other words, C ++ is so flexible that it drives projects both.

We therefore list the most common applications of C ++ programming language in the modern world.


If we were to compile a list of all video games that were made in or with the help of the C ++ programming language, we would gently compile one book with tens or hundreds of pages. The best start to that list would be all the game engines written in this programming language. Some of the most famous examples are Unity3D, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Frostbite, Source, AnvilNext, RAGE and many more.

Although all of them are written in C ++, it is not necessary that the game engine itself uses C ++ to program video games. For example, Unity uses C #, and Unreal Engine offers the ability to create games via a Blueprints system that requires no programming knowledge.

As for the titles themselves, it’s hard to find a more influential brand of non-C ++ related games. Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed and The Elder Scrolls are just some of the series that have characterized the gaming industry for the last twenty years. The programming language we are talking about is also used by companies like Valve and Blizzard.

In short, if you are planning to enter the video game industry as a developer, C ++ is one of the most sought after programming languages ​​because it forms the backbone of almost all game engines.

Designer programs

No matter what your profession is, there is a relatively high chance that you have heard of programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, and Microsoft Office. All of these computer aids have C ++ behind them, and there’s a very practical reason for that.

As technology advances, computer components become obsolete relatively quickly. The best computers on the market fall into average within a few years, which means in the world of business people either expensive purchases of new or slower progress of projects. Anyone who has ever tried to do something complex on a weaker computer knows how difficult it is to get practical results and what the challenges are in a work environment.

The already mentioned ability of the C ++ language to control the operation of the computer in detail enables optimal execution of commands. Even weaker configurations are able to flex C ++-based software and deliver acceptable outcomes. On the other hand, programs written in other languages ​​often cannot even start a project. Needless to say, the results with powerful computers are just as good.

Operating systems

Every day in the computer science world, there is a caveat about whether Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows is better. The discussion has been going on for years and often takes on a lot of passionate forms, so it’s even hard to imagine that the two groups could be reconciled somehow.

If this happens, the fact that these leading computer drive systems rely on C ++ may be the first step.

Web browsers

We won’t hang out. Virtually all are written in the C ++ programming language. From old Internet Explorer to the more modern Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


C ++ is used to build and maintain applications and account management systems in banks and the financial sector in general. Because of its powerful infrastructure, speed and efficiency, many developers prefer to use C ++ instead of Java or Python.

As is evident, knowledge of this programming language offers you broad job opportunities. Good developers are always in demand and are the backbone of development in society.

How to start learning C ++?

Like any other skill, programming in C ++ can be mastered alone or with the help of a mentor. Self-study with the help of various tutorials and guides usually takes a long time. Sometimes you will have bugs and problems that Google may not give you a solution to or you may not even know how to start a single paragraph.

It’s all part of learning, and you can also acquire knowledge in the following ways:


Forums like c plus plus, Dream In Code, Stack Overflow and the like will be helpful when you come across a specific problem or work on something for which there is no tutorial. Also, if you use Reddit, you will surely find a wealth of useful links and materials on the r / programming and r / learnprogramming subreddits.

Web guides

Pages like LearnCpp.com offer tips, exercises and learning guides from the very basics of this language.

Online tutorials

YouTube, Udemy, Coursera … All of them are full of shorter and longer tutorials for learning many programming languages.


If you think learning this would be easier with a mentor to help you master the basics and lay the groundwork for further development, invest in your knowledge. The C ++ programming course is also provided by SW Solutions, and you can apply at application@sw-solutions.com


If you want to gain some breadth before you “specialize” in one language, higher education institutions offer great opportunities depending on what interests you most.

Which method of learning you choose is up to you, but it is definitely important that you take the time and persevere. Most importantly – never hesitate to ask for help!

The past, present and future of C ++

Although there is much debate over which programming language is best learned, C ++ seems to be evergreen among programming languages. Its functionality is still out of the question.

If you have doubts about choosing a programming language to learn, you can hardly go wrong with a C ++ language. It is still one of the most widely used and is the base of many other languages that will be easier for you to learn if you have mastered the C ++ programming language before.

As a C ++ developer you will certainly not be sitting idle for long, and the wide selection of industries you can work in is just an added plus. Knowing C ++ can make a big difference to your life!

Start learning!

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