The World Needs More Software Developers!

The rise of technology and digital tools in today’s modern world is evident. Everywhere you turn, you can see a student working on their laptop in a coffee shop or a kid playing games on their parent’s smartphone. In fact, all these people, as well as ourselves, are experiencing the digital transformation process behind which are smart applications, and behind which is a computer program. And at least one programmer must be behind each program.

With the digital transformation many institutions are undergoing today, this growth in demand applies to the health sector, financial service industry, and education, to name a few.

Hence the high demand for developers.

What is the demand in numbers?

According to existing statistics in 2014, the number of developers worldwide is estimated at 18.5 million, while in the current 2019 it is estimated at 26.4 million.

So, in just 5 years the demand for developers has grown by incredible 40% and it has not stopped growing. For example, in the USA alone, there is a need for about 200,000 programmers per year, while only about 30,000 students graduate with a degree in Computer Science. This enormous gap cannot be filled even with prequalification which is an incredibly good opportunity especially for people working for below-average earnings. To support the fact that even prequalification cannot cover the demand for developers and IT professionals, it also says that it takes 7 years to meet the needs of existing projects at this pace, without mentioning new projects at all.

You do not need a PhD in economics to conclude that this supply-demand relationship also significantly affects the financial aspect of developer engagement (this topic will be discussed in future posts).

Why do many, despite this state of demand, hesitate to start programming?

First of all, many are afraid that the profession is reserved for geniuses and that they are not intelligent enough to deal with programming languages. It is far from the truth in light years. With enough effort, anyone can learn to communicate in English, German, Spanish … Why not learn and write codes in a programming language if you are persistent enough? The main thing is that you learn to think like programmer, and after that, with the right education and constant exercise, you can master any programming language.

How to become a programmer?

The field of information technology is the only one in constant growth, and IT skills will be in growing demand in the future, so the decision to improve in this field is certainly one of the best that you can make. Trough the various learning courses in International Online School we can help you on a way to become excellent programmer. Learn more at