Average Software Developer Salary in the World 2019

There are few powerful sites for jobs in the world, Indeed, Glassdoor,… Combining them with Payscale we can collect reliable information about average salary for the different occupations. Our main go is to determine average salary for the software developers by country. Our findings are listed in the “speaking” charts:

These are average salary, which vary depending on the technology and programing languages used. It is very interesting that the salary in programing world do not depend on education. Major influence on salary is related with experience.

The next “speaking” chart compares average salaries by the experience and country.

As we can see there are significant differences between senior and entry-level software developers salary among all countries. On the other hand, we can make logical conclusion that all entry-level programmers have a significant space for salary increase in the future of their career.

Next story will be dedicated to the average software developer salaries for Balkan’s countries.